Major Correction Detail


This paint detail will aim for as near perfect as possible.  The cutting stage is extended to include multiple passes at a safe level depending on paint condition and depth.  The multiple passes will remove heavier defects like bird etchings, buffer trails and body shop sanding marks etc. 

Whilst I will aim for 100% it is not always possible due to paint condition, has it been heavily polished in the past removing to much clearcoat, also a scratch that catches the fingernail would usually require painting although these can be dramatically reduced.  Realistically 90-95% improvement depending on the vehicle condition is to expected and will dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle. Before booking this detail a thorough inspection is required first to determine condition and expectation. Once completed due to the level of work involved I would highly recommend upgrading to a ceramic coating to give the best protection.





Full safe wash followed by full decontamination wash

Dried with plush drying towels and warm air drier

Paintwork and glass treated to clay bar  

Paintwork is then inspected for any damage and also read with a paint depth gauge to give myself a true understanding of it's condition

The cutting stage with multiple passes to remove heavier defects aiming towards 95% upwards improvement

The second stage refining the paintwork and adding the sharpness and gloss  

Paintwork sealed with synthetic sealant or wax (ceramic paint upgrade available)

Glass cleaned throughout

Exterior trims dressed (trim restorer offering 1-2yrs)

Tyres dressed (long life dressing)

Final inspection

Duration                Price

4+ days                                        From £695


Professional + Certified use only manufacture guaranteed ceramic paint protection  

1 year coating £125

4 year coating £275

10 year coating £375 (requires yearly top up detail)

Alloy Wheel protection

On car £60

Wheels off package £175

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment POA

Interior clean and protection  £100