New Car Detail


Why not protect that new vehicle from the very beginning, I can protect the exterior and interior of your new purchase.

The first journey for your new car unfortunately involves being sat at the docks and various other locations getting covered in bird lime, environmental fall out, road salts etc are left to sit on your car. Also being subjected to the possibilities of damage from transportation around various locations means your new car has already had a poor start in life.  Dealership valets are not given the appropriate time or resources to sort these problems out, often just wiping it over with a manky sponge or a brush.  Again this just adds to the damage adding wash marring, swirl marks and minor scratches to your paintwork.  A dealership will offer you there in house protection package which promises life time coverage, the paint doesn't last a life time so how can a coating!!! These coatings are also put on ill prepped paintwork so there is no bond between coating and paintwork.  Usually done in about 2-3hrs at a dealership.  At Dave's Detailing Ltd it takes me 2-3 days to do the job properly. 


Duration                Price

2-4 days                                           From £375


Professional + Certified use only manufacture guaranteed ceramic paint protection

1 year ceramic coating £100

2 year Nano Glaze coating £150 

4 year ceramic coating £275

Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating 

On car £60

Wheels off package £150

Windows £30