Soap on Car


All details are by appointment only and after a vehicle inspection (quote) has been done and agreed by Dave's Detailing and Valeting Ltd and you the customer.

A vehicle inspection is required to be done to ascertain the condition of the vehicle i.e. has it had any previous paintwork etc affecting what we can achieve, and also what you as the customer can expect from the detail.

All inspections (quotes) are FOC and once agreed a 30% deposit for any work agreed is payable to reserve your appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled within 14 days of appointment. 

All paint correction details include a full in depth paint report including all paint depth readings.  Also included is your choice of a Graphene Spray coating or a wax from none other than Mitchell and King collection to seal and protect your cars paintwork, although after a paint correction we would highly advise an upgrade to a ceramic coating.

Valets do not require an inspection beforehand but do still require booking an appointment for. Prices are subject to change for highly soiled vehicles.

For clarification:

Small car = Mini, Fiat 500, Toyota Yaris size vehicle

Medium car = VW Golf, Audi A3 Porsche Boxster size vehicle

Large car = Tesla Model S, BMW 3 series, Audi A4 size vehicle

XL car = BMW X5, Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 size vehicle

Exterior Wash


A full safe wash of the exterior of your car including wheels, arches and door shuts.

From the first rinse to the snowfoam to the final drying utmost care is taken. Sealed with a spray wax.

Small  Medium  Large  XLarge

£35    £40     £45    £50

Single stage Correction Detail


The Single Stage Paint Correction detail is a superb service for cars with minor swirls, wash marring

and holograms. It will also restore gloss levels.  The machining stage is completed with a one step compound which has a mild cut but also finishes down well to leave a glossy finish. Once complete paintwork is sealed with your choice of a graphene or wax coating.  Ceramic upgrades available.

Duration  1-3 days


Small   Medium   Large   Xlarge

£295    £325     £355    £385  

Standard Valet


This is the exterior wash but to also include an interior clean as well. A hoover of the

interior emptying any rubbish along the way.  Dash and interior trims are wiped down, windows buffed and a light mist of fragrance added.

Small  Medium  Large  Xlarge

£55    £60     £65    £70

Minor Correction Detail


My most popular service. The Minor Correction Detail consists of 2 stages of machine polishing.

The first is a dedicated cutting stage to remove heavier swirls, blemishes, scratches and oxidisation from the paintwork usually around 80-90% improvement can be expected.  The second stage is the jeweling stage to really refine the paintwork and give it that pop and wow factor.  Once complete paintwork is sealed with your choice of a graphene or wax coating.  Ceramic upgrades are available. 

Duration 3+days

Small   Medium   Large   Xlarge

£495    £545     £595    £645

Exterior Enhancement + Protection


A deep clean of the exterior of your car including a decontamination wash and buffing 

up of the paintwork to enhance the shine.  Once completed paintwork, glass and wheels are sealed with Zirconite's excellent Graphene coating offering 12mths protection and also superb gloss levels.

Small   Medium   Large   Xlarge

£135    £145     £155    £165

Major Correction Detail


This paint correction detail will aim for as near perfect as possible. The cutting stage is

extended to include mulitiple passes at at a safe level depending on paint condition and depth.  The multiple passes will remove heavier defects like bird poo etchings, body shop sanding marks and deeper scratches. Whilst I will aim for 100% it is rarely possible due to paint condition, has it been heavily polished in the past removing to much clearcoat, also a scratch that catches the fingernail would usually require painting although these can be dramatically reduced. Once complete paintwork is sealed with your choice of a graphene or wax coating. Although after a correction of this calibre I would highly recommend a ceramic coating 

Duration 5+days

Price POA

Interior Deep Clean + Protection


A deep clean of your cars interior, including all fabrics, trims and leather.  Steam is also 

used killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Once all cleaned fabrics and leather seats are treated to Zirconite's interior protection system offering a 1 year manufacturer guarantee.


Small   Medium   Large   Xlarge

£110    £120     £130    £140